© Copyright Red Lodge Helicopters 2012 This page will show the build of the first of our Sea King’s, for information on the kit click here   We’ll be posting updates for the Sea King as and when things progress, so keep checking back for latest news. ‘....> . There will be photo’s on here showing how the kit is put together. The first fuselage out of the mould fitted with the undercarriage and the first few scale parts. The section below is a guide to assembling the undercarriage. Cut two holes in the fuselage side to allow the main spar to pass through. The position for this is marked in the moulding. The position for the spar to enter the wheel pods can be marked using the front moulding line as a reference point. This is the same for both wheel pods. The bracket needs to be attached to the woodwork with 2 M3 x 10mm bolts and captive nuts, using the previously cut hole to align the bracket. The woodwork can then be glued into place taking care to align it inside the wheel pod to give the correct angle of the pod in relationship with the fuselage. Also making sure that the pod is at 90 degrees to the main spar. Although the undercarriage mechanism is supplied pre assembled it will need to be taken apart to enable it to be fitted into the fuselage. When re-assembling great care must be taken NOT to over tighten the M3 x 8mm bolts which go into the main spar. These need to be thread locked when final fitting.  IMPORTANT